This Man


God, please help me to remember this moment. This moment when three little boys wrestle with their daddy. And their enthusiasm for “getting him” outweighs any other care in the world. And their father’s dramatic screams and laughs, on his knees, fill my heart with an indescribable amount of love. Pure happiness. Heart spilling joy. To witness a father so thoroughly engaged in his children outweighs the clothes, shoes and dirty dishes everywhere. Every time. And all the broken stuff. The spilled drinks. The door constantly being left open. Wide open. These moments press so heavily on my heart. To be a witness to the joy, the giggles, the music playing in the background of the family room. Dog piled up, three little boys, one giggling father. And me, a happy mother, a proud wife listening in and watching from another room with tear-filled eyes. I don’t want my emotions to ruin it. I’m so grateful and humbled that I get to be a part of this. I am overwhelmed. In the best way. The “what did I do to deserve this?” kind of way. This man. These boys. This house. My heart. So full. Thank you.

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