Bio: Hi. I'm Amelia. First off, thanks for reading, and sharing any thoughts, stories, or feedback you have. I'm thankful to have you. A bit about me, which you will most likely learn through reading. I'm the middle child, three sibs above and three sibs below. I love laughing and making people laugh. I love people. Especially kids. I love music, so much so that I married a man who could sing and play music for me any time. He's pretty amazing, as far as husbands and dads go too. We have three kids, all boys, who bring an unexplainable amount of joy, and also chaos and crazy amounts of fun and broken, spilled stuff. I'm a bit of an uber multi-task starter, with a lost "to do" list. Lost in my brain. I love writing, often I get inspired in the middle of the night or in the car or in the shower. There are writing triggers, thoughts that arrive unexpectedly, often brought on by my insightful, honest children. Or perhaps witnessing the life happening all around, both good and really hard times. Overwhelming at times. I've thought of writing a book, but that seems a little well, overwhelming. Especially taking into account the aforementioned personality traits. In the meantime, I thought I would post some of the stuff I write about for others to read. My hope is that friends will laugh, relate to, sympathize with, and most importantly, just enjoy reading some of my posts. If you're helped, inspired, or motivated, or learn something, well, that's even more awesome.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. A WHOLE book …are you NUTS?

    Certainly NOT!

    Look at it Girl……You’ve written so much…. Each a special chapter on life….

    Self publish it…..I have a friend or two that I can connect you with that could give you some insight….

    You know you’re not alone in such thoughts……my brother has a blog. Creeping Senility….
    He has a VERY strange cynical attitude, but a crazy way of really making sense. In an often deeply disturbing or inappropriate way.

    You should BOTH publish….People need to hear what you both have to say!

    I don’t know much about publishing….but I do know about sharing with a world that desperately needs your insight and perspective.

    Let’s talk….dream…fantasize….seriously consider what that might look like.

    Coffee……or water….. whatever seems right for the day!

    Let’s talk….YOU CAN DO THIS! The world needs this…..maybe even YOU need this.


    1. Thanks so much for reading and for your encouragement and support! I would love to talk more with you. Vicki, my mother in law, put my first year of blog posts into a book format as a Christmas gift. I couldn’t believe how many I had written. I would also love to read your brother’s stuff too.


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