Insufficient Funds


Have you ever gotten the unfortunate, somewhat embarassing notice that your bank account has insufficient funds? Yikes. I’ve heard about people getting it. As a matter of fact, I think my bank must have linked my account to someone else’s, who keeps on having insufficient funds. I get these e-mails and I can read the subject line. “Activity alert: your account has insufficient funds.” Sounds like a winner. Of course, I don’t want to open that email up. I’ve gotten just the amount of info I need from the subject line, thank you very much. Insufficient funds. Great. And you know, money doesn’t grow on trees, especially in the winter. I feel like I have insufficient funds all the time. Why does my bank need to send me an email about it? As a mom, as a wife, as a sister, as a daughter, as a friend, as a coworker, as a neighbor. Insufficient. So, I thought, what if I did open that email up and it did something else, it encouraged me. What would it say about my “insufficient funds?” Here’s what I would like it to say:

Dearest Valuable Banking Friend:
Hey there. Sorry to have to notify you of this, especially on a day that you took a shower and did your hair. Way to go with that eye liner, too. That’s huge. I’m bummed to let you know that you’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. Your funds are running, well, how to say this? Kind of low. You’re trying to vacuum floors, do the laundry, talk to your husband and get your thoughts down. Your coffee is getting cold while you start up “Dora” for your three year old son. There is that friend that you really need to call. Have you paid the bills? You really need to make a dentist appointment. Oh, and your dog’s teeth are struggling too. Remember? 

You know, as hard as you try, you really can’t do it all. You have a lot going on. And that’s okay. You’re doing a pretty awesome job of trying to do it all. You may feel like your funds are always running out. It’s because they are. This is a crazy time of life. Things are going to get bumped, repeatedly, to tomorrow’s non-existent to-do list. Don’t give up. You’ll eventually put that basket of laundry away or you will keep pulling clean, slightly wrinkled clothes out of it for your kids to wear. They don’t seem to mind, so don’t fret about it. That laundry basket doesn’t have feelings. And if it did, it would feel pretty awesome, being full all of the time. That is it’s purpose, right? To hold laundry. Or to occasionally carry young children flying down the steps. Either way, that laundry basket loves your house.

You may feel insufficient, but that’s because your kids are full. Your paycheck just vanished into their accounts, and all of this month’s bills are already paid. You love those little thieves. You listen to them. You get a million drinks a day for them. You find that missing toy. Or shoe. You help them build their towers. You comfort them, bargain with them, and try to teach them a lesson in the midst of a psychotic tantrum. You referee their wrestling matches. You feed them most days, three meals. And don’t forget dessert. You give them a bath. You sop up all that water that sloshed out of the tub. You help dry them off. You read them books, or even tell them stories. You argue about who loves who more. They think they love you the most, but their brains can’t begin to comprehend how much you love them. You help them somersault into sweet dreams. Then, you make room in your big bed when they wake up scared.

All of this completely fills them up. This is A LOT. Like winning the lottery a lot. You should feel proud. Like a champ. You just completed a marathon. Sometimes, there are no water or bathroom breaks, or people cheering you on, but you still keep running. You finish the race every single day. It can be grueling, exhausting, patience-testing, heart wrenching, and utterly joyful. All throughout the long course. If all of the parents in the whole world could line up and do a tunnel for you, congratulating you, slapping you on the back and butt, and high-fiving you, they would. But, they might be busy watching Netflix, or having a drink, maybe reading a book, folding some laundry, or falling asleep, so they can wake up and hit the ground running tomorrow. You should go to sleep too.

So, yes, we regret to inform you that you have “insufficient funds,” but that’s because you have purposely, unknowingly transferred all of yours to the little recipients who may not be able to thank you or recognize you now, but they will. One day. Keep up the good work.

Yours truly,
The Lollipop Giver-Outer”

And maybe it would also help to be reminded that, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

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