We are all something


Sometimes, when I witness, first-hand, a person or a group of people doing something really well, I think, “Ahhh. I want to be that.” Like, when they make something really difficult look so flawlessly beautiful and easy. “Oh, yeah,” I think, “I can do that.” To be as graceful as that ballerina. But then, I remember that I struggle with just walking. To sing as breathtakingly, tear-producingly beautiful as that singer. Nope. I’m off-key and definitely best in my car. By myself. To run so hard and fast, yet look so strong, focused and unphased. Uhhh, I’m sucking wind and pulling muscles. To perform a challenging medical procedure with such precision and ease. No way. I’m scared and trying to focus on blowing bubbles. Shaky hands. And so on and so forth. I want to be a lot of extraordinary different types of people. A lot of the time. It can be boring just being me.

Well, tonight, I wanted to be a nun. That’s right. A sister. My goodness, how gentle and kind-hearted she was. She quickly calmed and encouraged everyone in that room, not just the boy and mother she was there to support. She took over and did my job for me, as I stood practically mesmerized, entranced by her grace, calm disposition and peaceful smile. Her translated words. Her patience. Then, when her three sisters came, I wanted to grab a habit and join up with them. That love, that bond. Maybe if I could be a sister…with a husband and three kids? It can be pretty awesome and humbling to be a witness to some of life’s most beautiful moments. In the strangest of places, like a hospital room.

Then, I think about why I am so drawn to people, enamored, inspired and humbled. Sometimes, I respond,  appreciate, recognize, and experience their strengths. And, selfishly, I also see the areas where I struggle. My weaknesses, perhaps. I strive to be that which I may not be capable of being. Maybe instead, I should stay in the audience, loudly clapping and appreciate the beauty in others. And know, that perhaps, someone may also be appreciating the beauty in me.

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