Something’s Burning

Yep. In my heart. In my head. And, most days, in my oven. I have a hard time watching English muffins broil. You know when you watch something or stare at someone, it promotes stage fright. Under performance. I typically like to go brush my teeth or grab something upstairs while my food burns, I mean cooks, in the oven. And, then it hits me, and I usually say it outloud, most times, calmly. Let’s face it, when something happens on a routine basis, it’s not that big of a deal. What’s that smell? “Something’s burning.” Again.

There it is, my blog name. I like to multi-task. Keeps things exciting. You can have a pretty wondrous feeling of getting a lot of stuff started. A lot of pots boiling. A lot of things in the oven. However, no matter how many loads of laundry that I need to fold and put away, I sometimes get to thinking and I get this feeling like, “I have to get these thoughts down right now.” Before I forget them. That’s why I started writing. I would be up late thinking about things that happened during the day. My thoughts bounced around in my head and they wouldn’t get tired. I found a way to help them chill out. Write them down. Get them out.

I started to let my husband listen to me read some of my stuff. Then, I shared it with my sisters, mom, aunt, friends. I’m a bit of a sharer. An extrovert most days of the week. I think we have so much to learn from each other. This only happens if we allow others in. I would like to have people over for dinner, hang outs, and fun, but people are so busy nowadays. I just like to use that word “nowadays” to make myself feel really old. I would love to sit down and listen and share with you in person these same thoughts and stories. That would be ideal. Why do we all have to work, live far away, or just be soooo busy? In person, my three year old would be grabbing my face, interupting me, and then I would need to go get him a drink or something. Then, I would come back. “What were we talking about again?”

So, you can read my uninterrupted thoughts here. If you don’t get annoyed or frustrated. As a good friend put it, I write like I talk. And that can sometimes be tricky to follow. Especially when I have had too much caffeine. Hopefully, we can have some interrupted talks in person someday soon. Thanks for reading. I like you a lot.

8 thoughts on “Something’s Burning

  1. I’m so excited that you’re writing publicly. Or that your writing is public. Why DO we have to live so far away? Your family is what I miss most about KC. Alright, let’s be honest, you tied with barking pig tacos at unforked.


  2. I like you very much too, Amelia. Your FB comments have been one of the highlights of my day for so long now. You are refreshingly transparent, insightful and just plain enjoyable to listen to. Your thoughts many times challenge my thinking and inspire me to be a better person. You are, perhaps, the most unique person I have ever known. Sometimes it’s really a challenge to keep up with you, but I certainly enjoy trying to. Don’t ever think about changing the incredible person you are…you’re courageous, a breath of fresh air, funny, sensible, a real joy to listen to and I will never grow tired of reading anything you have to express…and keep drinking that caffeine. Love You ~ David


  3. I totally understand the whole watched things get stage fright. It happens to me when there’s a long line outside the restroom at a gas station.

    Can’t wait to get a dose of Amelia more regularly. 🙂


  4. Yay! I love reading your thoughts on facebook! I’m so glad you are going to blog and look forward to reading more. I, too, burn things frequently. My children are well trained in the habit of getting out of the house when the smoke detector goes off…just ask them about it next time you see them 😉


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